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A UAE born gift offering concept - specialized in developing unique gifts sets Opened on Little Majlis in May 2017

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Pastel Ribbons is a UAE born gift offering concept – specialized in developing unique gifts sets, We are collectors of souvenir gift items that match each celebratory occasion as they are handpicked carefully to showcase uniqueness but also being of perfect use for its recipient.

Our selection choice for each item is to showcase designers with an artistic flair and handmade talents.
We are about fulfilling hearts with happiness to create a long last memory with each gift set, its simply the little things that bring out the best memory.

As we are just at the start of our journey but we believe that our passion coming to life is the biggest happiness, we are keen to make every gift offering unique to its recipient, our promise is to make you feel special in every way.

Our current collection includes: Gift sets for her.

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Terms & Conditions: - Our products are sold as sets pre-developed, we can't change or shift any elements within the sets featured. - Please note that some of our items are designers and boutique handmade therefore might have slight variation vs.the images featured on our store. Shipping Policies: The shipping rates featured on store showcase next day(s) Delivery, we don't offer same day delivery. - We ship currently to Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah only. - We outsource our delivery service therefore we will be sharing the customers details with courier company to ensure a smooth and professional delivery service, There are different slots for the delivery service that the courier company will be offering as follow: (Slot 1- 0900H to 1200H Slot 2- 1200H to 1500H Slot 3- 1500H to 1800H Slot 4- 1800H to 2100H). if The customer fails to be present at the pre-agreed time slot, a second attempt could be scheduled but will be at an extra, charged to the customer with the same ratings feature on our store shipping details (AED 18 up to 5KG and AED 2 per extra Kg) - We Promise to deliver within 3 to 5 working days from orders placement date. - The weights showcased are for the full shipment delivery and not single items. Refunds & Exchanges: - Due to hygiene reasons no earrings will be accepted as returned. - If any item within the set is broken or in bad condition only this item could be returned and will be refunded from the value of the total set price. - To schedule the return of an item we will require to coordinate with the courier therefore to schedule a proper slot and timing to ensure the return of the item in question goes smoothly, in case the customer fails to show up on the timing pre-agreed a second attempt charge will be charged to the customer and not to Pastel Ribbons.

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